Complexe Desjardins Entrances

To create a lighting ambience that is both friendly and dynamic, Lightemotion conceived a bidirectional LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixture produced by Lumenpulse. Composed of two elements (a frame equipped with RGB LEDs and a downward-directed directional flood), this brand-new fixture both directs coloured light upward and lights the concourse with a dynamic white lighting scheme designed to create light and shadow, animating both the floor and the visitors. By installing one of these fixtures in each ceiling coffer in Complexe Desjardins, Lightemotion made it possible to create very subtle chromatic nuances that produce the effect of a path of colours covering the vault of the shopping mall. This new lighting program reduced energy consumption by 67% while increasing the lux level by four times.

On the exterior of the building, the marquees covering each of the building’s two entrances includes a lighting program which projects a dynamic lighting scheme onto the ground mimicking the lighting inside the building and acts as a call to action, attracting visitiors from the street to explore the retail hall.

Lemay Michaud
Montreal, Canada